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Lexi Monique is the driven woman behind XM Styling. She is working hard to support women through style! She is a style coach focused on helping entrepreneur women elevate their brand and business through the perfect wardrobe.

She is confident and inspiring, plus absolutely approachable. Through her eyes, you get to see who you can really be. Sometimes as mompreneurs, we forget how important it is for you and your business to show up as your best self, hiding behind the computer all day, especially during the pandemic era, running around trying to get everything done. Monique is here to get you out of your shell and show you how to advance to the next level. You can be confident in your own skin and, look and feel fabulous when you build the right wardrobe.

In other words, Monique is here to EMPOWER you. You are magic and she is here to help you shine and SLAY YOUR CONFIDENCE. She will help you build a bad-ass wardrobe that is all about the next level YOU!


Let’s meet Lexi


Who is Lexi Monique? 

Lexi Monique is a mother, daughter, a woman who brings light to the world, and a woman who enjoys helping and seeing others reach their full capacity. 


Favorite quote?

Be the change you want to see. My best friend introduced me to this quote and I’ve loved it ever since. Take charge of the future and change the world as you see fit.


What is your anthem girl power song? 

Beyonce- Formation (Gets me up and moving every time)


What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I love writing and when I was younger I would write made-up stories all the time. My uncle used to call me his little author! I am looking to tap into that really soon beyond social media captions lol.


When do you feel most at peace?

I feel most at peace after my morning routine. Getting Elijah up and ready for school and dropping off for school, having a cup of tea, listening to a devotion for the day and an affirmation, and reflecting on how far I have come as well as giving thanks to God.


What is that one tv show that always makes you cry?

Definitely Grey’s Anatomy…… I was bold enough to watch it from the beginning 


Tell us about your creative process.

My creative juices flow right when a potential client books. I am able to go assess my clients on their social media and website and start brainstorming how we can elevate their style together.

Once we have been able to connect and go over what they are looking for and where they are headed. I am able to share with them where I see room for improvement in their style. I have my clients go over how they want people to see them and their brand at first look by coming up with words that best resonate with them and we then translate that into their style.

During this process, I do my homework of analyzing looks from styling, colors, prints, and overall feels to provide my clients with a visual representation of where we need their style to be.

Once the style meeting is done we dive headfirst into their style. We go over what stores are best to shop at, what works for their body type, what items are essential and need a place in their wardrobe, and how to maintain the style we create for them. Then I go shopping while my busy clients continue their life and enjoy the luxury of their virtual closet or sometimes the luxury of just walking into the store and going to the fitting room filled with selected items if in person.

I love this transformation because you really get to see the client’s face of OMG. I never thought I could wear this, I would never have picked this but I love it, and I feel so good and ready to conquer the day. Confidence is the #1 seller in business and life. So, I make sure that my clients have it.


How do you stay current with the trends and key looks that are a must for your different clients?

Usually, I like to glance at the trends each season. For my clients, I make sure that I fully understand who they are and not just put them in the latest trends but really understand what their style is. Each client will be different.


The pandemic has really changed how people dress and comfort has taken such a big role. How do we dress to impress after 2020?

Great question. Yes, the world looks different but we are still conducting business. I tell people to show up like how you want people to see your brand, that doesn’t change. Your clients are still expecting you to show up as your best self. 


What is your advice to other moms starting their own business? 

Don’t feel guilty working on your brand and business. Go for it and don’t stop. Mom’s guilt is real, but don’t let that stop you. Kids don’t understand right now but they will in the long run. We are building something for our kids to be proud of at the end of the day.


Work-life balance is the dream… What do you do to keep your balance?

I make sure that I take time for ME. I enjoy going out with friends or having my quiet time to get my thoughts together. This really helps me to refocus.


What is the hardest thing you have had to do or the biggest sacrifice you have had to do to make your business happen?

I feel as a mom the sacrifice is time. Sometimes we have to substitute a little for this and a little of that for our business and remembering not to have the mom guilt.


Tell us about a female role model in your life. a woman that inspires you on a personal or professional level.

All my life I haven’t had anything but amazing female role models in my life. I always have been blessed with having female roles in every season of my life and honestly, I don’t know what I would do within them. From my mom, sisters, colleagues, to women I have met through networking.


What is the sweetest thing your son has said to you?

Mom, you have to keep going. I walked away mouth wide and with the biggest smile, knowing I’m doing something right!


When your son is scared of doing something new, how do you motivate him?

I always tell Elijah you have to try things at least once and see if you like it. You never know what you like until you try it. Works every time and I always get Mom, I want some more or I want to do that again.


Let’s talk about XM Styling

What is the elevator pitch for XM Styling?

I coach women entrepreneurs on how to advance their confidence, brand, and lifestyle by helping them create a wardrobe that gets them seen heard, and paid. 


People come to you vs any other stylist…?

People come with me over any other stylist because they know they will see a transformation in their wardrobe and how they show up. I also love to build true relationships with my clients beyond their style and make sure I support and motivate them. 


How was XM Styling born? 

XMStyling was born out of my love for retail and fashion. I have been in retail since I was 17 and I was planting seeds that I didn’t know were going to blossom into something amazing. While working in retail I help many women create so many looks. Fashion has always been a bonding activity with my mom. To be able to combine the two have truly been amazing. I can’t forget my true passion to help women slay their confidence. 


Tell us more about the concept behind #slayyourconfidence? How are styling and self-confidence connected?

#SLAYYOURCONFIDENCE mission is empowering women to embrace who they are and to bring it into every room they enter. Helping women to find their confidence to speak up and speak out, creating spaces that will fulfill self-happiness and peace, and always being unapologetically you. Slay Your Confidence is a movement that encourages women to walk with confidence mentally, physically, and with oh so much style!

Styling and self-confidence are married together! You can’t have one with the other. Your style speaks to the world and in order to effectively do that you have to have self-confidence and know who you are! 


What is the next project/product/idea you are working on? 

My next project is creating a space for women to have to go to when they are in need of support from other women who have gone through or going through some of the same things. This will be in the form of a blog. Super excited about this idea. 


What are the goals for 2021 for your business?

My goals for 2021 will be to fully launch my movement of #slayyourconfidence. Connect and collaborate with other great entrepreneurs to bring more business in. Continue to build our clientele! 

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Lexi Monique

Hi! I am Natalia, Founder of Power Up Brand and Design. 

Your brand strategist, creative visionary, entrepreneur at heart, and cheerleader for your brand's success. I'm here to empower you to elevate your business, connect with your target audience, and express your unique story through powerful brand design.  Let's collaborate, create, and make an impact together!

brand design



Hi! I am Natalia, Founder of Power Up Brand and Design. 

Your brand strategist, creative visionary, entrepreneur at heart, and cheerleader for your brand's success. I'm here to empower you to elevate your business, connect with your target audience, and express your unique story through powerful brand design.  Let's collaborate, create, and make an impact together!


web design

Natalia took everything that I wanted to represent about who I am and put that on to the page into a logo and a design that I absolutely adore. I used her not only for my logo and branding design, all of my colors, my fonts. I also had her build all of my Canva templates. And as a marketing mentor, I do a lot of my business on social media. It's a way that I get most of my clients, and I use them literally every day, multiple times a day. They're amazing. So if you're looking for someone to help you with your branding and your design, Power Up is the design studio you are looking for.

Sherry Sutton


Marketing Strategist and Mentor

Natalia created a brand that represented myself, that represented my personality, represented how unique I am. I love my website. I can't say enough things good about. The process was so easy.  I went from a business that I loved to the business of my dreams. It's very emotional to me because Natalia created the brand that I always wanted. I now have retired from some of the things that I didn't want to do in my business, but I had to do because of money, because she brought me the clients that I needed so I could elevate my brand. 

Carolina Garza


Hair & Makeup Artist & Educator

Working with Natalia was absolutely amazing. She took my words, feelings, and ideas and transformed it into the perfect website for me and my business. It’s better than I could have ever imagined.Now I don’t have to work as hard to show potential clients what makes me stand out. My website looks professional, put together, and truly unique. It’s not just my work that stands out now, it’s also my website.

AnnaMarie Stephens


Family  Photographer

I LOVED working with Natalia! Her experience in the design world as well as how easy it was to talk to her made the process seamless. I love the way she laid out our meetings and she knew exactly how to pull what I wanted from my brand from me when I wasn't sure what it should be. My brand is cohesive across all platforms now. So having everything working together has helped a lot!

Katy Miller


Course and Social Media Strategist

I finally feel like my business is more professionally represented by having a legit website, it’s something I’ve been wanting to invest on for a long time. To be honest I wasn’t convinced until I saw Natalia’s work and with no hesitation I finally decided and give it a go!

We are getting more bookings from clients that are not holding back from spending the big buck! They are ready to get the Nailed Up experience ! 

Veronica Luviano


Nail Salon Owner + Lead Educator

Working with Natalia was fun and easy. She made it clear exactly what I needed to do, and turned around gorgeous results in no time at all. I am EXCITED to show up and obsessed with how professional my social media graphics look. I have been posting more frequently and putting out better content than ever because it's so easy with my branded templates! I am getting more engagement on IG, more clients booked through IG, positive feedback from followers noticing my graphics.

Emily Conley


Sales & Website Copywriter