When she came to us: 

After working with us:

I had so many ideas of the direction I wanted to take but was overwhelmed with how to put it all together. After working with Power Up, I feel confident presenting my brand and I feel it 100% represents who I am and what my business represents. Since the launch, my confidence in my business increased. I feel confident that the brand portrays everything I want my clients to know about my business. Engagement overall increased (traffic, google leads, followers) and being able to easily create content has been a game changer. 

When Silvia came to us she was ready to launch her new meal prep business and had a specific vision she wanted to bring to life. She wanted to launch looking as vibrant and powerful as her food and service are. She wanted to make a statement from the beginning and skip the "I will figure it out on my own" stage of business so she could focus her efforts on serving her clients, preparing delicious meals and minimize the time spent on her marketing efforts.

After Launch she has been able to become one of the local go to healthy meal prep service, partner up with local gyms and create a strong community around the importance of healthy nutrition.

the fuel zone

HEALTHY meal prep


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