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You’re Ready for Website Design if You...

You love your existing branding, but your website doesn’t match the high-level vibes of the rest of your brand

Have Professional Branding

Our in-house copywriter will turn your value + skill into powerful words that attract your dream clients and sell

Need Clear, 
Compelling Copy

We don’t do just pretty. But if you want a wildly effective website that works for you 24/7, we’ve got you

Want Your Website
 to Convert


Semi-Custom Web Design

Bring your own template (or choose one from our shop!) and leave with a professional website that reflects your brand and attracts your dream clients.

  • Implementing your existing branding across 5+ Website pages
  • Updating colors, fonts, and imagery
  • Creating a consistent vibe so your website matches your brand
  • One round of feedback and edits

Add ons :
  • Professional copywriting to clearly communicate your value and skills 
  • Extra Pages
  • Blog Set Up





(Payment Plans Available)

1 weeks

(* Featured template by Elizabeth mccravy)

*You’re responsible for providing an approved template (for Squarespace or Showit), professional brand assets, and professional photos and copy. If you need photographer or copywriting recommendations we are happy to connect you with our partners.

Investment: $1500

timeline: 1 WEEK



Custom Web Design

If you want a website that’s as powerful and unique as your business, you’re gonna want to invest in custom web design.

We’ll take your vision and branding, work our magic, and create a one-of-a-kind, stand out website that converts like whoa.

  • Up to 7-page Website Design Created for Both Desktop + Mobile (Showit or Squarespace)Strategy Meeting
  • Strategic layout and design
  • Brand asset implementation
  • Professional copywriting
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • One round of feedback and edits
  • Social media integration
  • Launch support  + Road map
  • Platform Training
  • Launch Support





(Payment Plans Available)

3 weeks

(Payment Plans Available)

Investment: $4500

timeline: 3WEEK

Professional brand assets (logo, fonts, color palette, etc.)

Professional brand photos

High-level website template (semi-custom only)

Before Booking Your Website Project, Make Sure You’ve Got:


Natalia took everything that I wanted to represent about who I am and put that on to the page into a logo and a design that I absolutely adore. I used her not only for my logo and branding design, all of my colors, my fonts. I also had her build all of my Canva templates. And as a marketing mentor, I do a lot of my business on social media. It's a way that I get most of my clients, and I use them literally every day, multiple times a day. They're amazing. So if you're looking for someone to help you with your branding and your design, Power Up is the design studio you are looking for.

Sherry Sutton


Marketing Strategist and Mentor

Natalia created a brand that represented myself, that represented my personality, represented how unique I am. I love my website. I can't say enough things good about. The process was so easy.  I went from a business that I loved to the business of my dreams. It's very emotional to me because Natalia created the brand that I always wanted. I now have retired from some of the things that I didn't want to do in my business, but I had to do because of money, because she brought me the clients that I needed so I could elevate my brand. 

Carolina Garza


Hair & Makeup Artist & Educator

Working with Natalia was absolutely amazing. She took my words, feelings, and ideas and transformed it into the perfect website for me and my business. It’s better than I could have ever imagined.Now I don’t have to work as hard to show potential clients what makes me stand out. My website looks professional, put together, and truly unique. It’s not just my work that stands out now, it’s also my website.

AnnaMarie Stephens


Family  Photographer

I LOVED working with Natalia! Her experience in the design world as well as how easy it was to talk to her made the process seamless. I love the way she laid out our meetings and she knew exactly how to pull what I wanted from my brand from me when I wasn't sure what it should be. My brand is cohesive across all platforms now. So having everything working together has helped a lot!

Katy Miller


Course and Social Media Strategist

I finally feel like my business is more professionally represented by having a legit website, it’s something I’ve been wanting to invest on for a long time. To be honest I wasn’t convinced until I saw Natalia’s work and with no hesitation I finally decided and give it a go!

We are getting more bookings from clients that are not holding back from spending the big buck! They are ready to get the Nailed Up experience ! 

Veronica Luviano


Nail Salon Owner + Lead Educator

Working with Natalia was fun and easy. She made it clear exactly what I needed to do, and turned around gorgeous results in no time at all. I am EXCITED to show up and obsessed with how professional my social media graphics look. I have been posting more frequently and putting out better content than ever because it's so easy with my branded templates! I am getting more engagement on IG, more clients booked through IG, positive feedback from followers noticing my graphics.

Emily Conley


Sales & Website Copywriter

Are you ready to finally show off your website, and stand out online?

You deserve a powerful, professional WEBSITE THAT WORKS FOR YOU 24/7!